MTM vs. Selenium - Is it possible to run automated tests on Android and iOS devices?

We already have our Test environment set up with Selenium. But we also use VSO (Visual Studio Online), which means that it could be better to change or to additionally use MS Testmanager (MTM) to organize and execute manual and automated tests. I wrote down some questions and started to analyse if any of the nice features would be lost by changeing from Selenium to MTM.

During my research I stumbled over some articles and posts about how to integrate Selenium tests into MTM. But my questions are still interesting, for the decision if I want to continue writing my tests in Selenium and then add them to MTM or to start creating them on MTM.

You need to extend your VSO with a Plugin. Those extensions give you the opportunity to record manual tests same as on Selenium IDE - but for any mobile devices / operating systems instead of Firefox. It also has the functionality to export that recorded test into some code, which you can add on MTM.
There are various different Plugins, but none of them are for free - and I'm very happy with Selenium.

Here you need to set up a hub/node and connect a mobile device. Then you can record tests via Selenium IDE on Firefox and generate the test code. As last step you have to change the used WebDriver from Firefox to Android or iOS.