Well, we had to learn it one way or another – marketing matters. We are very happy with the word-of-mouth customers we are getting, and they are getting even more. To tell you the truth, it is pretty awesome, what kind of reception Reportheld got without us doing much (or any?) marketing up to now.

So without going any further, first and foremost: Thank you to all our loyal customers that are talking so enthusiastically about our solutions. You rock!

As always though, for us to be a real startup we need websites. So we have created the Reportheld website with additional, dedicated information about that cool product. Of course, just as software, a website is never done, but for now you can read all about the wind power centered Reportheld. We plan to put all the other business sectors on there that already benefit from our easy „a picture says more than a thousand words“ workflow.

Let me invite you to take a look at the new homepage and let me know what you think!